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Level: 2 >Moderate – No experience required

DAY 1: We depart from Cusco at 9 am and start a 2 hour drive to get to our camping and training site, the famous thermo-medicinal springs of Cconoc, located right next to the great Apurimac River. As soon as we arrive we will hand you the gear and equipment you will need for the next three days. After that lunch will be served. Once we are ready we will get in a flat section of the river to learn basic paddling techniques, such as: supports, ferry angle, taking an eddy, forward and backward paddling, etc. in order to be able to maneuver the kayak. To finish our training day we will start practicing the "Skimo-Roll" in the warm thermal pools where afterwards you can relax.

 (The "Skimo-Roll" consists on returning the kayak to its normal position whenever it flips).

DAY 2: Today, the adventure begins at 8 in the morning. We will have a very energetic breakfast and have a quick practice session of the "Skimo-roll". After that, we will run a fun class 2+ section of the Apurimac River where we will apply our learned skills. This section takes approximately 2 hours, after which we will have lunch.

The afternoon would be for practicing the “Skimo-Roll” technique, learning new techniques and relaxing in the springs.

DAY 3: Once again we wake up at 8 am and have breakfast. Today, we paddle rapids class III and III+ for about 3 hours experiencing pure and constant adrenaline rushes. Cconoc will be once again our take out where a fantastic lunch awaits for us. After a 2 hour drive to Cuzco we will be arriving at around 4 pm.

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